Gary Brown


The Northampton County Economic Development Commission is responsible for initiating, organizing and managing the County’s public sector efforts to strengthen the local economy, improve the standard of living and create sustainable, higher-wage employment opportunities for the people of our county.  Through the years, we’ve worked with many individuals and companies --- from restaurateurs to chemical manufacturers and distribution centers --- to assist their success.
In our work, we partner with private sector, state and federal government allies all focused on adding value to the business development interests of our clients.  Please see the topic/services links to the right (links open in a separate window) and let us know if we might assist your business interests in any way.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you, and thank you for your interest in Northampton County.

Director: Gary Brown

Economic Development Coordinator/Grant Writer: Franklin Williams

9495 NC Hwy 305,
Jackson, NC 27845,

Phone: (252)534-1092 Fax: (252)534-1538



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