Emergency Management:
Responsible for the planning, coordinating and operation of Emergency Management activities in Northampton County. To maintain liason with State and Federal Authorities and the authorities of nearby political subdivision to insure the most effective operation of the emergency management plans.

Emergency Management Coordinator:

Ronnie Storey, Jr.

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132 Landfill Road
Jackson, NC 27845
Phone: (252)574-0214
Fax: (252)534-1433

Paul Nowell 2

Ambulance Service:
To provide primary Advance Life Support emergency care to the citizens of Northampton County on a first out basis 24
hours per day, seven days per week.

Emergency Medical Services Director:

Paul Nowell

PO Box 701
Jackson, NC 27845
Phone: (252)534-6811
Fax: (252)534-1433

E911: 911 services to the citizens and visitors of Northampton County. The 911 center is the primary Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). The 911 center is staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We dispatch for Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services and Fire. We are proud to offer Emergency Medical Dispatch which allows us to offer help during medical emergencies, allowing a response as the EMS unit is traveling to the patient.

E911 Director:
Tammie Piland

PO Box 25
Jackson, NC 27845
Non Emergency Calls:
(252) 574-0205

Please join the Halifax- Northampton Hazardous Mitigation Plan public meeting
scheduled for April 28th from 3pm-4pm on zoom.

EMS Post Pic

Tony Burnette Emergency Mngt

Mr. Burnette brings an abundance of knowledge, experience and skill to the position, particularly at a critical time of dealing with both the COVID-19 crisis and Hurricane Isaias.  He has served many public safety roles throughout Northampton County, which include serving as the police chief for the towns of Rich Square and Seaboard. He recently served as an officer with the Town of Jackson Police Department as well. His leadership experience extends well beyond local law enforcement. Mr. Burnette is also a distinguished Navy Veteran, where he served as an Aviation ordnanceman and a member of its Military Police.  He was recently elected to the Northampton County Board of Education and continues to serve as a community leader on citizen issues and sports programs.  

EM 2    

 EM 1

I would like to welcome Mr. Ky'Juan Faison of Garysburg NC to the Northampton County Emergency Management team as an Intern. Ky ‘Juan entered the Gaston Fire & Rescue Cadet program at age of 14 and shortly after joining he was elected as Cadet Lieutenant where he served as second in command of the cadet program. The following term Ky ‘Juan was elected Cadet Captain, he held that position for two terms before graduating from the Gaston Fire & Rescue cadet program at the age of 19 in August of 2019. Ky' Juan joined the Garysburg Volunteer Fire Department at the young age of 14. He was promoted to Captain in 2020 and shortly thereafter he was promoted to Deputy Chief of the department. KY ‘Juan graduated from the Roanoke Valley Early College in 2019, upon graduating he received his high school diploma along with several certifications in Industrial Systems Technology from Halifax Community College. KY ‘Juan is currently pursuing an associate degree in Emergency Management at Nash Community College.

Tony Burnette
Interim Emergency Management Coordinator

Northampton County EMS Station 4 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

I am pleased to share another achievement in Northampton County's effort for community development. We have now opened Emergency Medical Services Station 4 in Conway, NC.  The building will expand critical emergency services to our residents on the eastern end of the county.  

  • We are so appreciative to our partners at USDA for finding the most suitable financing solution to acquiring this facility. 
  • The towns of Conway and Severn have partnered with us by agreeing to (collectively) contribute $15,000 per year to assist in financing the building--this includes maintenance and repair needs. 
  • What's next: we will begin minor renovations to open the newly acquired J.W. Faison Senior Center in Jackson, NC.

We are continuing to develop projects for (1) Public Safety, (2) Quality of Life and (3) Long-standing Legacy...and we are doing it "together". 

Charles M. Jackson, MPA
Northampton County
County Manager