Managing the COVID-19 Crisis What Residents Need to Know 

Dear Northampton County Residents,

As you probably know by now, Northampton County is operating under a state of emergency
due to COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus. Northampton County Government will
continue to operate as normally as possible. Visitation to our County offices will be limited in
order to protect both you and our employees to do our part to keep the spread of COVID-19 at a
minimum. At this time, we are dealing with navigating various COVID-19 issues throughout
our county offices. This includes sporadic instances of confirmed COVID-19 cases amongst our

What does that mean for you as a resident?
Our top priority is to keep you safe while providing services. Whenever the county confirms a
positive case (concerning an employee), our protocol is to immediately disinfect the specific
work area or (if necessary) an entire building. With this effort, we can limit the potential spread
of COVID, while also assuring our employees that the county is taking precautions to keep
them safe. As a result, this may require closing an office with very short notice.

If you are sick, please consider staying home, particularly those who are sneezing, coughing,
etc. The threshold to use to determine whether you should stay home is if you have a fever.
Please use good judgement on making a decision regarding whether you come to our offices or
stay home. If you do decide to stay home, please consider contacting our offices by phone to
make payments, etc.

Northampton County Guidance/Recommendations
• Citizens needing services - Citizens have been urged at this time to call County offices
to address their needs versus visiting in person. This is necessary to limit direct
interaction with other employees and/or citizens.

• Payment of Tax Bills - Encouraging citizens who are able, to make tax payments online
and by mail versus physically coming into the Tax Office. We also have a drop box
outside of the Tax Office for payments as well.

• Payment of Utility Bills - The Public Works lobby has been closed to citizens. Utility
bills may be paid online, over the phone, mailed or paid by drop-box at the drive through

• Stay up-to-date with latest Northampton County Updates at the following locations:

o Northampton County Website:

o Northampton County Facebook Page:

Always remember that our Northampton County Offices are here to assist you through this
difficult time. We thank you for your patience as we adapt to the ever-changing COVID-19

Please stay safe.

Charles M. Jackson
Northampton County
County Manager

Vaccine providers should administer vaccine to all who meet current eligibility criteria regardless of county of residence.