Northampton County EMS Station 4 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

I am pleased to share another achievement in Northampton County's effort for community development. We have now opened Emergency Medical Services Station 4 in Conway, NC.  The building will expand critical emergency services to our residents on the eastern end of the county.  

  • We are so appreciative to our partners at USDA for finding the most suitable financing solution to acquiring this facility. 
  • The towns of Conway and Severn have partnered with us by agreeing to (collectively) contribute $15,000 per year to assist in financing the building--this includes maintenance and repair needs. 
  • What's next: we will begin minor renovations to open the newly acquired J.W. Faison Senior Center in Jackson, NC.

We are continuing to develop projects for (1) Public Safety, (2) Quality of Life and (3) Long-standing Legacy...and we are doing it "together". 

Charles M. Jackson, MPA
Northampton County
County Manager