Northampton County Health Department has been continuously investigating cases of COVID-19 in our community, both in individual settings and outbreak settings. Part of that investigation also includes looking for possible COVID-19 related death events. Our County has just been informed that we have had another potential COVID-19-related death by the NCDHHS. Northampton County Health Department offers its sincerest sympathy for the family of this case, and for all families and individuals impacted by COVID-19 illness.

According to NCDHHS, a novel coronavirus COVID-19-associated death is defined for surveillance purposes as a death resulting from a clinically compatible illness that was confirmed to be COVID-19 by an appropriate laboratory test. There should be no period of complete recovery between COVID-19 diagnosis and death.  Based on this case definition and an investigation into the illness of the case patient, NCDHHS is classifying this event as a COVID-19 related death.

Northampton County Health Department works hard to protect the privacy of individuals, and to respect the families of those cases who have passed-away.  To that end, Northampton Health Department will not be sharing any further information. We are continuing to investigate all COVID-19 cases in our county and will follow NCDHHS guidance.

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