Phone System RFP
Northampton County invites any qualified firm/individual to submit a proposal.  Firms/individuals responding to this request must be responsible bidders, regularly and practically engaged in supplying and maintaining phone system equipment and providing the services required in this IT/RFP, and possess ample resources to perform this work.  The County encourages participation in this procurement process by minority-owned businesses, women-owned businesses and businesses owned by disabled persons.  Accepting RFP bids close October 5, 2020, 5:00 pm.  RFP

Wants to determine if the carrier is bringing those PRIs in as SIP and then converting at your location to see if we can natively support those as SIP or need to deploy a physical controller to support legacy PRIs until such time as you convert to SIP.

Centrelink is providing the PRIs, I do not think they are SIPs converted.  The Analog fax lines are in almost every department connected to MFPs.  I am open to another fax solution; however, they must meet HIPPA requirements, you can come on line for a site survey if you feel this would be most beneficial.
Mayors Meetings
The mayor/commissioner meetings for 2019 have been cancelled and replaced with individual mayor/town council/commissioner and county commissioner meetings in the communities. Due to COVID-19 those meetings are TBD.
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