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Mayors Meetings
The mayor/commissioner meetings for 2019 have been cancelled and replaced with individual mayor/town council/commissioner and county commissioner meetings in the communities.

The Town of Seaboard had an Emergency Meeting on yesterday in reference to COVID-19. At this point the Town has made the following decisions as an effort to prevent COVID-19 contamination and to alleviate some financial distress: 1) All planned events (Easter Kiddie Parade, Healthy Living) within the town has been canceled; 2) Water Bills has been suspended for the months of March & April (more info will be delivered to each payee).


1) As of yesterday NO positive cases was known of in Northampton County
2) Contact Northampton County Health Department if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 - personnel will come to your home to administer testing. Once the test has been administered you will remain in quarantine until the results has been proven to be Negative.
3) Remember to remain 6 ft apart from others, avoid gatherings of more than 10, the bleach solution kills the virus on contact, wash your hands, be watchful of the elderly (high risk), adhere to all information that's being issued by the Governor.

Posted on Behalf of Commissioner LaQuitia Barnes-Curry

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